SC’s drama will not quell farmer’s protest

The bitter fight between the centre and the protesting farmers over the contentious farm laws is expected to further intensify in the days to come.
The Supreme Court on Tuesday tried to intervene in the issue by staying the law and forming a four-member committee to look into the matter.
Farmers’ groups said they would not hold discussions with or even accept the committee, which they said included members in favour of the farm laws.
A well played out drama ended in spoil for the central government.
The SC intervention looked more like a way out for the government. With farmers refusing to relent despite several rounds of talk and threatening to take out a tractor rally on Republic Day in the national capital, the government was feeling the pressure.
The Narendra Modi-led BJP government also did not want to take a step back by withdrawing the farm laws. Therefore, it was viewed that SC’S intervention provided them a window of opportunity to get out of the mess. However, the situation is only going to get worse for them.
The farmers have flatly refused the SC’s intervention and said nothing less than a complete withdrawal will satisfy them. Now the ball is back in the court of the Modi government.
Instead of being adamant the government should listen to the voice of farmers and take a decision, which takes care of their interests. If farmers are unhappy with the new law, why should the government forcefully implement it?
This is going against the democratic norms of the nation.