New hope for the US

The only remaining superpower of the world, the United States of America (USA) has a new leadership after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in as the new president and vice president, respectively, on Thursday. The entire world is closely watching the political development in the US as its policies have far-reaching effects across the world. Just days before President Biden was sworn in, the world was shocked to see supporters of former president Donald Trump storming the US Capitol and trying to overturn the election. The US is deeply divided on political and racial lines due to four years of chaotic governance under Trump. His erratic politics alarmed the world.

The election of President Biden has given hope that finally some kind of order will return to the US and hopefully it will have positive impact across the globe. A major theme of Biden’s inauguration speech on Thursday was unity after major divisions were laid bare during the Trump administration. Biden promised to be a president “for all Americans,” including those who voted against him, and he declared that democracy has prevailed. This is a very strong statement coming from him. However, there is still a long way to go as Trump supporters along with Trump himself still have not formally conceded the presidency to Biden and he even snubbed the inauguration event in a departure from longstanding tradition. The new president called for healing the nation and he looks sincere in his attempt to unite US citizens. Biden also signed executive orders to bring US back into the Paris climate change accord and also into the World Health Organization. These two decisions will have a huge impact on the rest of the world. The USA is the only remaining superpower of the world and therefore the whole world looks upto it for leadership. Trump has been a disaster as president, due to which there is lot of hope on President Biden.