Short-lived tryst with democracy

The bloodless military coup in neighbouring Myanmar has shocked the whole world. The military has declared emergency and has taken over the reins of the country. President Win Myint and popular leader Aung Saan Suu Kyi have been arrested along with several other politicians and Members of Parliament.

With this coup, Myanmar’s short lived tryst with democracy has ended. Only in 2011, the democracy was restored in the country.

Critics, activists, journalists, academics and artists were routinely jailed and tortured during nearly 50 years of isolationist rule by the military. Now there is growing fear that the things might return to same with the imposition of military rule.

Also analysts predict that the coup in Myanmar is likely to damage the country’s economy. Companies say the coup has already put billions worth of foreign investment at risk. The US has already said it is considering imposing additional sanctions on Myanmar, which is one of the region’s poorest countries.

With Covid-19 further crippling the world economy, the country is going to face torrid time.
The coup is also matter of deep concern for India. Most of the insurgents operating in the north east India are based in Myanmar. The civilian government had initiated strong action against them.

However, the military juntas who have better relation with China might act against the interest of India. The Chinese will put pressure on them to support the UG groups based in Myanmar.

It is going to be serious problem for the NE states including Arunachal Pradesh as many of the Naga rebels operating in Arunachal are based out of Myanmar. The government of India needs to re-strategize. Further, the world needs to put more pressure on military leaders to restore the democracy at the earliest.