Commmittee criticises govt for lacking effective control & suitable check on financial management




Guwahati, Feb 11 (PTI) The Committee on Public Accounts of the Assam Assembly on Thursday criticised the state government for lacking “effective control and suitable check” on financial management as well as not having a “fool- proof system” to monitor expenditure.

Tabling its report on Public Health Engineering (PHE) Department for three fiscals from 2014-15 to 2016-17, the Committee on Public Accounts considered a report by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India on Appropriation Accounts.

“The excess expenditure over the grants voted by the Assembly and charged appropriation appears to be a continuing phenomenon owing to lack of proper exercising the effective control and suitable check on the financial management of the government,” it added.

The 13-member committee, headed senior Congress MLA Wazed Ali Choudhury, said a large number of grants have been transacted every year through the different departments of the government.

“But it is obvious that the state government do not organise a fool-proof system to monitor the flow of expenditure and to exercise control on overspending in order to restrict the expenditure within the limit of the grant voted by the Assembly for a particular service,” it added.

These deficiencies have led to incurring of excess money than the amount approved by the House, the report said.

The Committee said that Rs 982.95 crore have been spent in “excess” to the voted amount by the PHE Department.

“After threadbare discussion with the departmental representatives, the Committee, with great restraint, arrived at the conclusion to recommend regularisation by the state legislature of the… excess expenditure,” the report stated.