Plus & minus of budget

Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein, who also holds the finance portfolio, presented the state budget on Thursday on the floor of the state assembly. The government claim that this year’s budget focuses on the health and education sectors. The budget definitely looks good, but the question is whether these announcements will be implemented in the true sense. Especially the decision to upgrade the district hospitals and upgrading of Bakin Pertin General Hospital, Pasighat, to a 300-bedded hospital is a good move. The government also announced that Rs 1,000 crore would be made available to the education department.
These are announcements which will bring cheer to the people. The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the pathetic condition of the health sector. Focus on the health sector, therefore, is a wise move. However, the budget has not focused much on tourism and the road sector. More money is needed to be invested in these sectors as are they are huge employment generation sectors. The Budget 2021 also shows the footprint of the saffron agenda in the state. A lot of institutions, in particular the schools which espouse the saffron ideology, have been given a lot of funds. It seems like finally the Pema Khandu-led BJP government is bending and the saffron agenda is making its way into the state through the education system. Education Minister Taba Tedir is known to be the RSS’ favourite and no wonder the sangh is making inroads through the education system of the state. Focus also has been given to promoting certain religions in the state that the current regime favours. This is a very dangerous trend and it definitely is going to alienate those who feel left out.