North Korea’s Petroleum Imports Breached Sanctions Cap: UN Experts

Pyongyang, Mar 6 (AFP): North Korea illicitly imported far more refined petroleum products last year than allowed under an annual threshold set by United Nations sanctions, a report seen by AFP revealed.

Pyongyang can import up to 500,000 barrels per year, but from January through September last year the isolated regime received petroleum products that exceeded that cap “by several times”, according to a Panel of Experts report submitted to the UN Security Council.

Citing “images, data and calculations”, the new report claimed at least 121 shipments of refined petroleum products — such as gasoline and diesel — were delivered to North Korea by an unnamed member state’s tankers and others.

The shipments mark Pyongyang’s latest circumvention of international embargoes meant to stem its weapons development by choking off revenue needed to keep its economy running.