CPI leader urges Modi to support UNHRC resolution against Sri Lanka

New Delhi, Mar 22 (PTI) CPI general secretary D Raja wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday saying India’s position in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is “absolutely untenable” on a resolution regarding war crimes and human rights in Sri Lanka.

Urging the prime minister to support the resolution without any ambiguity, Raja said it is a known fact that in 2009, the civil war in Sri Lanka turned into a “full-fledged war by the state against Tamils”.

“The atrocities and violence unleashed by the government of Sri Lanka on Tamil people resulted in deaths of tens of thousands of people, including women and children. The officials of the government and army personnel were not only given impunity but were instead rewarded in Sri Lanka,” he claimed in the letter.

“Thousands of Tamil men were declared ‘disappeared’ and thousands of women were turned into half widows. A great many Tamil families had to leave Sri Lanka. They became refugees in many countries, including India. Women suffered countless rapes and sexual assaults. The survivors are still waiting for justice and continue facing the violence. The perpetrators of such grave and brutal crimes remained free and nothing has been done to ensure justice to the victims,” the CPI general secretary alleged.

He said Sri Lanka’s Tamil and Muslim population suffered more because of the “institutionalised discrimination” and “state-sponsored targeted violence”.

“The pandemic has also been used to slash the human rights of Tamils and Muslims in Sri Lanka. All those activists, journalists, human rights defenders who question the government are harassed and the protests are suppressed,” Raja alleged.

“I request that India should unambiguously support the draft resolution in order to ensure justice to Tamil people in Sri Lanka and the dignified resettlement and rehabilitation of the victims. As a nation, we have always stood for truth and justice, and we should follow the path now also. This issue is of special importance to us as Sri Lanka is our neighbouring country. There should not be any precedence of injustice being supported by India,” he added.