IIT Kharagpur researchers making Sanskrit accessible with AI- based system

Kolkata, Mar 24 (PTI) Researchers at IIT Kharagpur are making Sanskrit accessible with their Artificial Intelligence-based system for processing Sanskrit texts

IIT Kharagpur researchers led by Dr Pawan Goyal have developed a digital infrastructure for the efficient processing of Sanskrit texts, by effectively combining state- of-the-art machine learning techniques and traditional linguistic knowledge from Sanskrit, an institute spokesperson said on Tuesday.

The work has been accepted for publication in the Computational Linguistics journal published by the MIT Press.

It has been carried by research scholar Dr Amrith Krishna, currently a post-doctorate at the University of Cambridge, supervised by Dr Pawan Goyal.

The paper currently addresses the tasks of word segmentation, poetry to prose conversion of Sanskrit text.

The team is now actively collaborating with several external research groups to extend the application of the proposed system for automatic speech recognition and question-answering in Sanskrit, the spokesperson said.

Works in Sanskrit, numbering more than 30 million extant manuscripts, include extensive epics, subtle and intricate philosophical, mathematical and scientific treatises, and rich literary, poetic, and dramatic texts.

The proposed AI-based system, used in conjunction with interactive tools such as the Sanskrit Heritage reader, can aid the users in the easier analysis of these manuscripts with word-by-word analysis and translation, the relation between words, poetry to prose conversion, search and question answering.