Second wave of Covid-19

The Covid situation in India is going from bad to worse over the last few weeks. The situation is so alarming that on Tuesday the Centre acknowledged that the Covid-19 virus is still very active and the number of cases are surging across the country. The Centre has told the states to strictly enforce Covid-appropriate behaviour. More than 68,000 new cases were reported on Monday, the most in a day since October. On Tuesday morning, more than 56,000 fresh cases were reported. The situation is expected to get worse because of Holi celebration and state elections.

In states like Maharashtra, the government is even contemplating re-imposing lockdown due to growing cases. It is time the government of Arunachal also took precautions. A large section of the migrant population of the state belongs to states like Assam and West Bengal. Both these states are going to the polls. Massive election rallies are being held and people are moving from one place to another without following any social distancing norms.

When these people start returning to Arunachal, there is every possibility of them becoming carriers of the Covid-19 virus. The state government cannot afford to lower the guard. Even developed states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Punjab, etc, are struggling to contain the second wave. For states like Arunachal, which is struggling for basic health service, the second wave will be devastating.