Ban mass gatherings

In the last few days, the number of active Covid-19 cases has suddenly jumped in the state. It is believed that many people who are returning after participating in the election process in West Bengal and Assam are testing positive. As the whole country battles a serious surge in Covid cases, the sudden increase in the number of active cases is a matter of deep worry. People are dying in big numbers and hospitals are overwhelmed across India. These reports are a big cause of concern as Arunachal will face serious trouble if Covid cases surge. The health infrastructure is still in a bad shape. As the cases rise, the government has imposed partial restriction with minimum attendance at marriage and religious gatherings.

These announcements are not enough. The government should completely ban mass gatherings. No religious, social or political gatherings should be allowed. For precaution, the schools and colleges should also be closed down. It is time for mandatory testing to be done at the entry gate. When Covid-19 first hit the country, Arunachal remained relatively safe because of the strict quarantine measures and mandatory testing at the entry gates. The government should also ramp up supply of oxygen and Remdesvir injection. Experts have said that the second wave is more deadly than the first. Therefore, before the second wave starts to hit the state badly, the state government should initiate measures to contain it.