Good move by GoAP

As Covid-19 cases surge in the state, the health department has taken a very important decision to enhance the capacity of the dedicated Covid hospital (DCH) at the MLA apartments in Chimpu from 42 to 206. With the addition of 164 more beds with centralized oxygen facilities, the DCH will have a 28-bedded ICU to treat the critically ill Covid-19 patients. The new facilities are expected to be ready within the next 15 days. This is a very good move and the state government, in particular the health department, deserves appreciation for it. The second wave of Covid-19 has hit the whole country hard.

It has exposed the poor readiness of the health department in various states. Lack of beds and oxygen supply is causing death of so many Covid-19 patients in the country. Slowly but surely, the second wave is starting to hit Arunachal too. The number of Covid cases is rising at an alarming rate, especially in the capital region. Community transmission has started. The number of people getting admitted in the DCH in Chimpu due to Covid-19 infection has also grown. Experts have warned that the peak impact of the second wave will be felt after 15 May. Hopefully, by then the health department would have made enough preparation to tackle the crisis. The state government also needs to explore the potential of improving health infrastructure in the districts.