BJP left licking wounds

The assembly elections’ results saw the emergence of three popular leaders who as chief ministers of their respective states will form a formidable alliance against the ruling BJP. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has scored a stunning landslide victory. The BJP had thrown everything in Bengal with PM Narendra Modi himself leading the campaign.

Despite it, the party has badly lost the election. Mamata has truly emerged as a powerful opposition leader. The same can be said about MK Stalin of DMK in Tamil Nadu and Pinarayi Vijayan of the left in Kerala. All three leaders are fiercely opposed to the right wing ideology of the BJP and the RSS.

In fact, in Kerala, the BJP could not win even a single seat. The party had fielded former Delhi Metro Chief E Sreedharan as CM candidate. Not only Sreedharan lost, the BJP could not win a single seat. There is no doubt that all three victories will have a deep impact on the political discourse of the nation, but it is the Bengal election which will have a significant impact. The BJP will be deeply hurt by the defeat. The image of PM Modi has taken a beating due to the defeat in Bengal. Mamata will be emboldened by the victory and she might now take the battle to another level. She has truly emerged as a strong leader who is willing to take on the Modi-Shah duo.