Changing stand of Modi supporters following failed response to Covid-19

It seems that even the most ardent supporter of the Narendra Modi-led BJP government is not happy with the way the government has handled the Covid-19 crisis.

The second wave has caused a massive uproar as the people are losing lives because of lack of hospital beds and oxygen, thereby exposing the poor preparedness of the government.

Actor Anupam Kher, who has often praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and is known to be a strong defender of the BJP-led regime, on Wednesday, said that he believed the government “had slipped” in the Covid crisis and it was important to hold it responsible.

Recently, popular author Chetan Bhagat also strongly criticized the Modi government, especially for failing to vaccinate the people of India.

For a long time these people acted as cheerleaders of the ruling party and its leader, PM Modi.

They closed their eyes and blindly supported Modi even when minorities were being murdered.

Finally, the failure of the government to handle the Covid-19 crisis seems to have woken them up.

The Narendra Modi-led BJP government has completely failed to handle the second wave of Covid-19. Had they prepared on time for the impending second wave, the situation would have been much better.

Their callousness has led to the death of so many people across India. Not only Modi, but people like Anupam Kher and several others who for long blindly supported all his misdeeds should also own responsibility for the crisis.

They not only protected him but also ensured that anyone who criticizes Modi is hounded by the BJP IT Cell.

BJP and Modi should take criticism of its supporters positively and properly plan for the third wave of Covid-19 which is expected to hit the country around November as per experts.