Observe Covid-appropriate behaviour

The capital administration on Friday recommended imposition of complete lockdown in the ICR because of the rising cases of Covid-19. As the Covid positivity rate continues to rise at an alarming rate, the administration after holding consultations with all the stakeholders suggested 14 days’ complete lockdown. Now it is upto the state government whether to accept the recommendation or not. If the lockdown is indeed imposed, this time the citizens of the Itanagar capital region (ICR) themselves are to be blamed for it. The Covid cases have risen due to the reckless behaviour of the citizens. The majority of them do not follow Covid-appropriate behaviour.

In the markets, people can be seen blatantly flouting the SOPs. Nobody wears a mask and social distancing norms are not followed. It is also reported that many are reluctant to get vaccinated, based on false rumours. The health department along with the district administration has tried its best to improve the situation. But sadly, the citizens have failed to extend support. Despite knowing all the risks, they have utterly failed to follow Covid-appropriate behaviour. When the lockdown is imposed, it is the citizens who suffer the most. They make a lot of noise against lockdowns, but when the lockdown is lifted, they forget everything and start to flout the rules. This leads to a rise in infection, ultimately leading to imposition of lockdown again. This vicious cycle can be stopped only by the citizens, and it can be done by following Covid-appropriate behaviour.