Religious intolerance growing in the Indian subcontinent

Violence against the minority Hindu community recently rocked Bangladesh. Temples were vandalized and members of the Hindu community were killed after rumours of alleged desecration of the Muslim holy book during a Hindu religious festival started making the rounds. The Hindu community makes up about 10 percent of Bangladesh’s 165 million population. This latest incident once again highlights the threat minorities face from the religious majority in the Indian subcontinent. Whether it is India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh, the situation is tough for the minorities.

Discrimination against minorities is rampant in these countries. In Pakistan and Bangladesh, the minority Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, etc, are persecuted by the Islamists. India, which was once considered to be the safest place for minorities due to its secular constitution, is also witnessing growing incidences of persecution of minorities.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina met leaders of the Hindu community and promised stern action. Since then, several people have been arrested for their involvement in the communal riots. This gives hope. The governments of the day, whether it is in India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh should strive to protect their citizens, irrespective of the religion they follow. The growing religious intolerance in the subcontinent is a matter of serious concern. The government needs to act tough on religious hooligans. They should not extend any kind of support to them.