Positive signs of boundary dispute resolution

After the meeting between Chief Ministers Himanta Biswa Sarma and Pema Khandu in Guwahati on Wednesday, it was announced that the two states will form district-level committees to resolve the longstanding border disputes in a time-bound manner. This was the second chief ministerial-level meeting between the two states over the boundary issue. It looks like both sides are finally exhibiting seriousness in resolving the long-pending boundary dispute. Chief Minister Pema Khandu on several occasions has made his intention clear that he is looking forward to resolving the long-pending boundary dispute with Assam.

The hectic parleying initiated by him with his Assam counterpart is a positive sign. There is an urgent need to resolve the long-pending boundary dispute. The people of Arunachal Pradesh living along the Assam-Arunachal boundary for a long time have suffered immense trouble. Development projects could not be taken up due to a dispute. Most of the foothill areas of the state that share boundaries with Assam are very backward. Due to the hectic parlaying of CM Khandu, the Assam counterpart is also exhibiting seriousness in trying to resolve the dispute. The formation of district-level committees is the first step in resolving the dispute. This is a good move, considering the fact that it is the people in the affected districts who know the ground situation much better. These committees can provide the best knowledge of the ground situation to the higher authorities. This will go a long way in preparing the ground to arrive at a solution at the state level.