Citizens should join the battle against drug abuse

Chief Minister Pema Khandu while addressing the closing ceremony of the annual conference of the SPs and commandants of the AAPBn, the IBRn and the APP on Thursday stated that drug addiction is more dangerous than insurgency. In a way, the CM is right to term drug addiction a bigger threat than insurgency. Drug addiction destroys a whole generation of the nation and the majority of them never recover from it. Many end up not only destroying their own lives but also that of their family members.
A single drug addict in the family destabilises the entire family. Everyone suffers, especially the parents. Today, drug addiction is the biggest threat to the future of Arunachal Pradesh. A large chunk of the youths are into addiction and this is hurting the state. Crimes increase as addicts resort to criminal activities to fund their addiction. Social tension also arises. Most of the criminals in the state are addicts. The state police have been doing an admirable job in the crimes related to drugs. But more is needed to effectively battle against drug addiction. More de-addiction centres should be opened. The civil society bodies and citizens at their individual levels should extend full cooperation to the police to effectively battle the drug cartels. It is good to know that the state’s top leadership is taking a keen interest in drug-related issues. CM Khandu has issued a warning bell by declaring drug addiction as a bigger threat than insurgency. Hope the police, the administration, and the citizens will join hands in the battle against drug addiction.