Changlang DA’s DL initiative worthy of emulation

The decision of the Changlang district administration to organise special camps at various subdivisions in order to help citizens in acquiring a driving licence (DL) is a very good initiative. The decision to start the camp service has been taken to ease the problem of citizens from far-flung areas of the district who have to often travel to the district headquarters Changlang just to obtain a driving licence. With camps being organised in the subdivision itself for issuing of DLs, it will immensely benefit the poor people. This model can be replicated throughout the state.

A DL is a very important document for the citizens. Just to obtain a DL, it is unfair to make a citizen travel to the district headquarters. This puts an unnecessary financial burden on them. For some people who live in remote villages, it takes two days just to reach the headquarters. The poor road condition and lack of availability of reliable public transport further complicate the situation. Considering the above points, it is time for other districts to start following the Changlang model. Also, the Sarkar Aapke Dwar, a very popular scheme to provide services to the people at the doorsteps, should be revived. This scheme helped people to avail many schemes without having trouble visiting the offices. It also minimised corrupt practices.