Ramdev should apologise for making sexist remarks

Yoga teacher and Patanjali Ayurved’s Ramdev’s indecent remarks on women’s attire have set off a controversy that threatens to turn political. Women, Ramdev said at an event in Maharashtra’s Thane on Sunday, can look good in anything – saree, salwar kameez, or even when they wear nothing. The AAP, the TMC, and the Shiv Sena have criticised his speech. Ramdev, who runs a massive Patanjali business empire, has a habit of making such controversial statements.

But this time he has crossed the limit and needs to immediately apologise for making such kind of cheap remarks. Ramdev, who also happens to be one of the strong campaigners of the BJP, plays a different role in his day-to-day life. He is a yoga teacher and also a successful businessman. Sometimes he behaves like a politician and campaigns for the BJP. Instead of making cheap comments about women and their dresses, Ramdev should concentrate on doing what he is best at, which is to teach yoga and run his business empire. Also, when he made the indecent remarks during the programme in Thane, Amruta Fadnavis, the wife of Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devender Fadnavis was also present, along with several others. Why did these women not object to such a malicious statement? To our utter shock, these women can be seen laughing when Ramdev made the indecent comment. They should be ashamed of themselves for remaining silent.