BJP taking misuse of probe agencies to another level

The arrest of senior AAP leader Manish Sisodia by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) over alleged irregularities in a liquor sales policy in Delhi has set off a political storm. Sisodia, the former deputy chief minister of Delhi, is now under arrest on corruption charges, and resigned on Tuesday night from all his ministerial posts. In his resignation letter, he said that he would stay away until the charges against him are proven false. He has joined the growing list of opposition leaders who are being hounded by the central agencies. In the past also, so many opposition leaders have been targeted by the CBI, using the central agencies.

The BJP government at the Centre has gone to another level in misusing the agencies to target opposition leaders and opposition voices. The democratic rights are being curtailed blatantly. Day by day their audacity to misuse the central agencies is growing, which does not augur well for the democracy. It is time all like-minded parties and liberal voices stood up against this repeated act of using government agencies to harass opponents. In the past, several other governments too have been accused of using central agencies, but the present regime is going overboard. If they are so concerned about corruption, why do they stop going against those leaders against whom they raise corruption allegations when he or she joins BJP? It looks like they raise corruption issues just to harass the leaders and to force them to join the BJP.