Put an end to anti-minority politics

The BJP’s relentless vilification of the minority Muslim community has gone to another level. This time it is none other than Union Minister Satya Pal Singh Baghel who claimed that “tolerant Muslims can be counted on fingers” and it too, “was a tactic to lead a public life wearing a mask” as it leads to Vice-President, Governor or Vice-Chancellor posts. He also claimed that the real face of such “so-called intellectuals” from the community gets revealed after they complete their term in office or retire. This highly controversial statement has once again highlighted how the saffron party will target Muslims as the 2024 election nears.

For them targeting minorities in particular, Muslims with the intention to whip up anti-Muslim sentiments of majority Hindu is an election strategy. Every time during the election they use it. Even in the ongoing Karnataka assembly election they have tried to use the religion card. With each passing year the BJP’s anti-minority rhetoric is reaching genocide level. This is very dangerous for the country. If this trend continues, social unrest will engulf India. Such a situation will be catastrophic for the country. The religious politics might be giving them electoral benefits but for the country in the long run it is very dangerous. Before it is too late the saffron party should realize it and put an end to this.