Manipur needs Centre’s intervention

One of the most sensitive states of the country, Manipur, is witnessing large-scale violence for the last one month, but none of the top central leaders has visited the state to try to calm down the situation. Strangely, union Home Amit Shah had the time to visit Assam but did not even bother to visit Manipur. Instead, he made an appeal for peace and declared that soon he will visit the state. This lackadaisical attitude towards Manipur shows that the government of India does not care much about issues concerning NE states.
Manipur has been on the boil after an explosion of interethnic violence this month killed at least 70 people and left tens of thousands displaced. Some 2,000 houses were also burned down across the state. The violence was sparked by anger among the Kuki tribal group at the prospect of the majority Meitei community being given guaranteed quotas of government jobs and other perks in a form of affirmative action. This also stoked long-held fears among the Kukis that the Meiteis might also be allowed to acquire land in areas currently reserved for them and other tribal groups. The military has deployed thousands of troops to the state, where curfews have been imposed and the internet cut for several weeks. However, the situation still remains tense. There is a lack of trust in the present Manipur government. The intervention of the central government can help to calm down the situation. The government of India should intervene at the earliest and bring peace in Manipur.