Russia and North Korea can create worldwide chaos

Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un, the leaders of two countries who at best can be termed dictators, recently met in Russia. Their meeting comes amid reports that they met for an arms deal. Russia, which is attempting to invade Ukraine, is now facing stiff resistance. The Ukrainians, with support from Western democracy, have been giving a strong fight to the Russians. This has forced Putin to look for allies to source weapons from.

Moscow is attempting to buy weapons to support its war on Ukraine. On the other hand, North Korea is seeking help from the Russian space agency for its satellite programme. The meeting between the two sanctioned regimes, which included senior officials from both sides, took place at a time when their relations with the West are at an all-time low. Both the leaders have expressed their support for each other. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is affecting the whole world. Inflation has grown and fear of war extending to other countries also looms large. North Korea is known for its stand against the western world. Therefore, the coming together of the two countries, though not surprising, has the potential to create chaos in the world.