Urgent need for stopping encroachment on IG Park 

The picture of kutcha huts having been erected haphazardly inside Indira Gandhi Park, Itanagar, went viral on social media. The citizens have expressed concern over the coming up of such structures inside the park. So far there has been no word from the park authorities. It is a known fact that over the years IG Park has borne the brunt of land grabbers. The major portion of the park has been illegally encroached on by the public. They have constructed huge buildings by encroaching on the park.

The remaining areas are being taken over by the government. Several major government infrastructures, including the convention centre, have all come up inside the park. If this trend continues, IG Park will become history soon. It is the lone park in Itanagar and used to serve as its lungs. The park authorities, along with the ICR administration should take urgent steps to save IG Park. The greenery should be protected. Strong steps should be initiated against those encroaching on the park area. The time is running out. If urgent steps are not taken, IG Park will vanish soon from the map of Itanagar.