Long-lasting infrastructure needed

The heavy rains in the last 15 days have caused massive damages across the state. In particular, the road infrastructure has been hit hard. In many districts, national highways have been washed away by the heavy rainfall. At multiple places, landslides have massively damaged the road infrastructure. The state’s lone state highway, the Itanagar to Jote road, has also been massively damaged by the heavy rainfall. Apart from road infrastructure, the water pipelines have also suffered huge damage. With monsoon rain expected to last till September, more damage are to be expected in the days to come.

The government should focus on rebuilding the infrastructure wherever there is need. The focus should be the restoration of the roads and water pipelines. However, it should not be a temporary solution. An effort should be made to find a permanent solution. The fund should be used judiciously, so that every penny counts. Every year, in the name of restoration and repair, the government funds are misused. Also, keeping in mind that monsoon rains hit the state hard every year, the government should carry out repairing of damaged infrastructure after consultations with experts. This will ensure that infrastructure is properly repaired and it lasts long.