Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Festival of pollution

Dear Editor, Festival of pollution is the title that fits Diwali more appropriately. The aftermath of the intense burning of the crackers day before disguised...

Pangolin conservation

Dear Editor Pangolins are unique, rare, solitary, nocturnal, terrestrial mammal that survives predominantly on the diet of ants and termites; currently 8 species are reported...

An appeal to the learned elders

Dear Editor, A question to all the learned elders. Do you genuinely think it is the mistake of our younger generations that they are unaware of...

Go easy on maths in APPSCCE

Dear Editor, It is good to hear that the state government is considering bringing the UPSC pattern in the APPSCCE. But the APPSC should adopt...

Post subject teachers

Dear Editor, The administrations and the politicians are not worried at the paucity of subject teachers and how it affects the student’s community. If they are...

A scam

Dear Editor, A scam is happening right under our nose. Recently I have noticed, in fact many of the people especially the unemployed youths too...

In the praise of APPSC

Dear Editor, Recently, the APPSC has made application submission system online for some advertisements like JE, UDC, etc. which is really appreciable. Moreover in A.A.O exam...

Introduce PPT

Dear Editor, I would like to draw the kind attention of the APPSC and Directorate of Elementary Education, Govt. of Arunachal to introduce Teaching Demonstration...

Prepare a strong case

Dear Editor, I am anguished since 18-11-2017. This was the unfortunate day when I heard about the death of Lt. Ngurang Pinch. The untimely and...

Gujarati asmita vs Bengali pride

Dear Editor, It is curious that Narendra Modi's tall talks of 'India first' and 'nation first' have vanished into thin air, and, as if playing...


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