Notify jobs or increase upper age limit

Dear Editor,
Our Chief minister , after increasing retirement age is making announcement of creation of various post , every fortnight . But where is the advertisement of those posts? Only announcement of creation of vacancy is being made without job vacancy notification.
Our beloved chief minister should know that by the end of this year like us many candidates will cross their upper age limit. But had the retirement age not been increased , there would have been many vacancies this year and we could have gotten one last chance to compete with other. Neither vacancies are being created nor government is ready to increase the upper age limit inspite of request from various NGOs and candidates. Without our fault we are going to suffer.
Our young and dynamic chief minister should also comprehend that there are no industries in our state. For every supply and contract work , money, blessing of politician and officers are required and the poor candidates like us has none of any one of these. So government job is our only option.
There fore, we appeal to the Chief minister to try to understand the pain and problem of candidates like us and keep your promise and notify the job vacancies before the end of this year or just increase the upper age limit for few more years.