Monday, February 19, 2018

Nyokum and ritualistic values

Dear Editor, Through your esteem daily, the Nyishi Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society (NIFCS) extend its heartfelt greetings for happy and prosperous Nyokum Yullo-2018. The Nyokum...

Trafficking of Majestic pangolin

Dear Editor, The majestic, ant- and termite-eating secretive, solitary and nocturnal mammal; pangolins are distributed across the continents of Africa and Asia. The name pangolin...

Too little, too late

Dear Editor, Apropos to your news article published on 14th Feb.2018, "Too little, too late", it is pertinent to mention that the Central Govt. has...

Sherdukpens and Losar

Dear Editor, This is in responds to news article published on Feb 16 "Losar and Oriah greetings" in which it was mentioned that CM greeted...

Include Jelly Kayi in Statehood day

Dear Editor, All set for the 32nd Statehood Day celebration with lot of extravaganzas. Many renowned artists and celebs have been called from various parts...

Potin to Pangin TAH

Dear Editor, Through you, I would like to draw the attention of Chief Minister Pema Khandu regarding road connectivity of Arunachal Pradesh and Potin to...

Separate IAS cadre

Dear Editor, This is regarding the visit of the Prime Minister of India to Itanagar on 15th February 2018. Among the many things that were said...

In praise of Pema

Dear Editor, The youngest Chief Minister of India is Pema Khandu. He is also only CM in India who became Chief Minister of the three...

Biking lifters and police

Dear Editor, Through the column of your esteem daily, I would like to draw the kind attention of the concern police department towards the rampant...

Salute to traffic wardens

Dear Editor, Through your esteemed daily, I would like to express my profound gratitude to the Traffic Wardens of Itanagar (ITW). They are the real...


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