Saturday, June 23, 2018

IG Park and our responsibilities

Dear Editor, This is in continuation of the commendable task of the Police Dept. and DA in IG Park, Itanagar recently. The job of the police...

Students and stipend

Dear Editor, Through your esteemed newspaper, I would like to highlight one ill practice that is going on in the department of education in the...

International yoga day

Dear Editor, Yoga, which is an ancient spiritual science & means Union in Sanskrit language is actually – Union with God. The Bhagavat Gita says...

Implement cyber laws

Dear Editor, It is a matter of grave concern that some people have been abusing social/ electronic media. They are largely responsible for pushing India...

An open letter to DC

Dear Editor, The morning joggers in the IG Park Itanagar are facing grave problems in the following manners- Some high profile people bring their pet dogs...

Don’t misuse my name

Dear Editor, I would like to inform all the readers about the wrong information that is circulating around in social media (WhatsApp and Facebook). There...

Tadar Anang is a shining example of hard work

Dear Editor, At a time, when the entire state is faced with the repeated poor and disastrous performance in CBSE/ AISSE examinations, a young boy,...

An open letter to the Chief Minister and Education Minister

Dear Editor, Through your daily, I would like to pour out my discontentment, displeasure and grievances as an insecure and hopelessly frustrated employee, parent and...

Pay teachers regularly

Dear Editor, Much to the delight of thousand of hard-working, punctual and well qualified RMSA/ SSA teacher working in remote villages of Arunachal Pradesh, honourable...

Check fake certificates

Dear Editor, Through the column of your esteemed daily I would like to request the APPSC to strictly verify the academic and other professional documents...


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