Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Pangolin conservation

Dear Editor Pangolins are unique, rare, solitary, nocturnal, terrestrial mammal that survives predominantly on the diet of ants and termites; currently 8 species are reported...

How long will our children suffer?

Dear Editor, These days school children travelling in school buses are continuously suffering from cough. Reason is dusty roads. Whole landscape is overcast with dusts, fine,...

Reservation and meritocracy

Dear Editor, Reservation was envisaged in the Constitution with a view to bring the ignored and isolated in parity with the then socially advanced community....

APPSC fiasco

Dear Editor, I would like to convey my extreme displeasure over the ongoing APPSCCE Mains fiasco. What kind of competition is this where more than...

PRC and its repercussions

Dear Editor, The state government's recent view of considering giving PRCs to the non -APSTs of Lekang, Namsai will have repercussions of the highest order...

Preservation, conservation and sustainability

Dear Editor, The Himalayan regions have always swayed the mainland due to the fact that our culture and living being exquisitely different and variant than...

When law of the land is in danger, we all are in danger

Dear Editor, This is with reference to your editorial, "Attempts to polarize voters" (December 7, 2018). Every marginalised person in our country like a safai...

Blacked-necked Crane at Chug Valley: Dialogue on first sighting

Dear Editor This is in response to Tim Bodt's article which was published on 7th of December regarding the sighting of Black-necked cranes in Chut...

Slow pace of Highway work

Dear Editor, This is regarding the ongoing High way expansion between Itanagar and Naharlagun. We all know that Arunachal is a rainy place. We hardly have...

A separate cadre

Dear Editor, I'm writing this in regard of the IAS cadre allocation process. Hardly in a year only 1 or 2 student from our state...


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