Thursday, June 27, 2019

Monsoon menace: Siang devastation

Flights Of Fantasy The rampaging Siang river is devastating large areas of prime, fertile land on the left bank areas of Mebo subdivision. The major...

Unemployment and job creation

Flights Of Fantasy There is an emerging crisis in Arunachal Pradesh and the North East: growing unemployment amongst the restive youth of the region. As per...

Is Arunachal the new Bermuda Triangle?

Flights Of Fantasy On 3 June, an An-32 aircraft of the Indian Air Force (IAF) on a routine flight from Jorhat in Assam to Mechuka...

Time for action

Flights Of Fantasy After the longest ever election period, finally the results have been declared. The ruling BJP has overcome anti-incumbency and won absolute majority...

Responsibilities of the winners

Flights Of Fantasy The simultaneous elections were successfully conducted in Arunachal Pradesh on 11 April for the 60 assembly and two Lok Sabha (LS) constituencies....

Too much politics

Flights Of Fantasy With the conduct of the general elections in India and the simultaneous elections in Arunachal Pradesh, the political scenario is in high...

Clean elections

Flights Of Fantasy The ongoing simultaneous elections in 'peace loving' Arunachal Pradesh have been fiercely contested amid reports of violent incidents, arson, assault on government...

Racing against the monsoon

Flights Of Fantasy Amid the heat and dust of the elections, there is a mini-revolution underway in the left bank areas of Mebo subdivision in...

Election-omics: Public money back to public

Flights Of Fantasy Post elections, the markets of the towns and villages of Arunachal Pradesh are buzzing with activity. It is almost as if a...

Election postmortem

Flights Of Fantasy The simultaneous elections for the state assembly and the Lok Sabha were held in Arunachal Pradesh on 11 April. Elections were conducted...


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