Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Heroes of 1962 war in Arunachal: Battle of Bum La

Flights Of Fantasy Many Arunachalee old-timers recall the 1962 Indo-Chinese conflict with fear and anger. The Chinese forces entered deep into Arunachal along many axes,...

Are good people bad?

Flights Of Fantasy All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. – Carlton Smith There are ‘good people’ and...

Bridging states, districts and communities

Flights Of Fantasy Recently, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated the strategically important Sisar or Sisseri bridge on 15 November. The bridge connects Dambuk in Lower...

Industrial revolution in the NE

Flights Of Fantasy Northeast India and Arunachal Pradesh have a negligible number of industries compared to the rest of India. Since industrial production is minimal,...

Arunachal of our dreams

Flights Of Fantasy Since the NEFA days, Arunachal Pradesh has undergone enormous transformation. The population increased from 3.5 lakhs in 1961 to about 13.8 lakhs,...

Support local products

Flights Of Fantasy Almost all products used in Northeast India and Arunachal Pradesh are imported from other states. This is because there are very few...

Compulsory NCC for students?

Flights Of Fantasy Recently, a 10-day combined annual training camp for the National Cadet Corps (NCC) cadets was conducted by the 22 Arunachal Pradesh (I)...

Peace Index

Flights Of Fantasy As per the latest Global Peace Index (GPI) rankings, India is ranked very low at 141 among 163 countries. Every year GPI...

Laugh a bit

Flights Of Fantasy Are we too serious in life? Study seriously, work seriously, party seriously... serious, serious, serious! It seems that everyone is so busy...

Costlier living in Arunachal

Flights Of Fantasy Arunachalees will agree that almost everything is more expensive in our state, compared to the neighbouring states. The cost of most items...


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