Saturday, June 23, 2018

Word to the wordsmiths, with a smile and a wink

It's easy, after reading a dozen novels, to decide to become a writer. But getting down to the brass tacks of the job and...

Plastic waste polluting our rivers

The World Environment Day celebration on 5 June this year was hosted by India this year. With this year's theme being 'Ban plastic pollution',...

Power politics and Citizenship (Amendment) Bill

While the district administrations across Aruna-chal Pradesh are busy with disaster preparedness, the ruling BJP seems to have embarked on poll preparedness ahead of...

Will the greenfield project ever take off?

Will the greenfield airport project in Hollongi ever take off? This is the million-dollar question of every Arunachali at the moment. The state government on...

Say no to the greedy minority

First they went for the NERIST, then RGU, then the greenfield airport project - and now the NIT. Some groups of people in the...

The mysterious cases of missing files

Instances of government files disappearing mysteriously surface time and again in many departments in the state; but such cases often go unreported and die...

The things we least deserve

Technical institutes such as the North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) and the National Institute of Technology (NIT) are precious assets...

Reluctant government employees

If you notice, a lot of private job advertisements in this daily specify that only non-tribal candidates need to apply. Elsewhere in the world,...

The ‘No cash’ crisis

Much hue and cry was witnessed in the past couple of weeks following a sudden shortage of cash in the capital complex and other...

About police and policing

A few decades ago, police personnel in Arunachal Pradesh literally had very little role in maintaining law and order, since the peace-loving people of...


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