Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The ‘No cash’ crisis

Much hue and cry was witnessed in the past couple of weeks following a sudden shortage of cash in the capital complex and other...

The sports policy of Arunachal Pradesh

The sports policy of the state has finally been notified. The vision is to make Arunachal Pradesh a vibrant and leading state in the...

Swimming with the sharks

Barely a week after the passing of the Arunachal Pradesh Money Lending Regulation Bill, a group of women money lenders scrambled to the press...

Need for a change

The recent incident of stealing of dustbins and parklets from various locations in Itanagar is shameful. In fact, the persons who committed the crime...

Money lending: the culture of 10%

Unauthorised money lending culture in Arunachal Pradesh has ostensibly become an uncontrollable social menace. Over the years, this culture has maimed hundreds of families,...

The NERIST unrest

The North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) took centre stage this past week. When we first followed the story of the NERIST...

Keepers of Pakke

The Pakke Tiger Reserve is a rehabilitation home for many animals that have been orphaned because of poaching. One of them is a month-old elephant...

Put children’s safety first

Monday Musing There is much anger among people following rising cases of crimes against children in the state and a growing sense of distrust has...

Inaction continues as drug menace thrives

Monday Musing The state government had allocated Rs 10 crore in the last budget for modernizing drug de-addiction centres across Arunachal Pradesh. The budget session for...

A ticking bomb waiting to explode

Monday Musing The formation of three natural dams on the Yorlung-Tsangpo river in Tibet has created panic among the people downstream in Arunachal Pradesh. As...


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