5 creative career options to pursue

Etching out a creative career can be a real challenge as it involves doggedly pursuing your passion and working through the initial ups and...


--- Km.Rakasri Chanda. Class V, VKV Yazali


--- Km. Anuja Mishra, Cl - V, VKV Yazali.


Reward of hard work --- Kalyan Kumar Dutta VKVPTC-Banderdewa A united family of eight members Lived in two small shabby chambers Mother worked as a hospital attendant To feed the...


--- Km. Anuja Mishra, Cl - V, VKV Yazali.


--- Tania Nitin, Cl-IV, Don Bosco School, Itanagar

The moon captured rising in the Nirjuli sky, a day after the Lunar eclipse on 9 November. -- Takam Takar

Keeping alive the tradition -- Tage Tunia TYT

A scene in Bage Tinali during mid October -- Dawa Tsering

Cradle of Life -- Lope Romin

A boy sits down to help his mother after school hours, having come all the way from Karsingsa to Nirjuli. -- Takam Takar

Her Hands

--- Patai Giri Her hands held me gently from the day I took my first breath, Her hands helped to guide me as I took my...

The warmth in your silence

--- Twiss Pegu   The aura of love once again has given a custody all throughout the years. The echoes of your name whisper still in my ears. If only...

Life goes on…

--- Tage Tunia TYT Cosmic optimism is what I had while a bud; An air plant could be found in a mud. Told to build pessimism inside, Tackling...

Reminiscing the good old days

Tamer and Marry are two good childhood friends. Marry went to Delhi to pursue her master’s degree while Tamer stayed back in the village...

Nature’s food chain

The dwellers of a village named Kari, heavily depended on hunting for their livelihood. One particular day, the villagers approa-ched the Gaon Bura with...

Each one teach one

"Each One Teach One" is an African - American proverb. This phrase originated in the United States during the times of slavery when Africans...

Media Literacy: Need of the hour

In this socially active world, media has become quite versatile and filled with propagandas at the same time, so one must understand what and...

Sons of Abotani

Keeping the Roots : ‘Vocal for Local’ : For a brighter tomorrow -- Kup Neri Camdir


--- Kaushal Sharma Cl-V , VKV Vivek Vihar