Selective Service by a police officer

Dear Editor,
Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw the attention to the unjust application of law.
Last night, there was a police checking at Naharlagun.
I forgot my wallet with driving license at home. I pleaded for mercy but i was denied. The policeman denied other govt. officials and a fauji with medical case explaining the need for law and the necessity of Chalan.
I was touched by his discipline and professional attitude while conducting his duty being a non-APST amidst the APST.
When I returned back with the money for Chalan , the IRBNs stopped a costly car with two women and a driver. As I was going to receive my Chalan, that car pulled over near the officer and a lady in the back said , ” Sir, yeh log humko rukarae ” and the officer exchanged few words and let her go.
The lady while going said ‘ jai hind ‘ and the officer offered a salute as a sign of courtesy. I asked the officer regarding this immoral act and he said that he knows them well and they are reputed people.
When I further enquired for equality of law, he began to threaten me with court and high cost of an advocate. His advice was, ‘ hum jantae ‘ & ‘ Apna ka deko.
It was midnight and my family was with me. I was shocked by his changed flexible melodramatic policeman image. I had to say sorry to calm him down and leave. I never got what he meant by ‘reputed’.
l appeal to the officials to serve all rather than the selected few. The handsome salary and other benefits you enjoy is the tax that common public pays to the govt.
We appreciate your efforts to serve and our co-ordination is a guarantee but we expect the genuine code of conduct as well. We are resilient by force, not by choice.
Tony Bage