Shocking incident

The incident of three youths from neighbouring Assam forcibly trying to enter Roing town from Shantipur check gate without obtaining ILP should raise alarm bell ringing in corridor of power in Itanagar. This is the first such reported incident wherein the outsiders have refused to acquire legal permit in order to visit Arunachal. It is well known to everyone that Arunachal is a protected state and outsiders cannot buy land and have to acquire ILP before entering the state.
Despite knowing the rule, the youths from neighbouring state reportedly refused to obtain ILP and instead indulged in provocative acts which could have lead to clash between Assam and Arunachal. The Arunachal Pradesh police posted at Shantipur check gate should have arrested the youths for trying to illegally enter state. They have miserably failed to safeguard the law of land. Also learning from the experience state government should ask the Assam counterpart to sensitize its citizen about sensitive subject like ILP system. The provocative act like the one committed by three Assamese youths at Shantipur check gate can create trouble between the two states. In order to avoid this kind of incident the police personnel from both the states posted along Assam-Arunachal boundary should develop better coordination. If they constantly remain in touch the issues which has potential to disrupt peace can be easily resolved.