Citizen’s support is must

Day by day it is increasingly becoming difficult for the government officials to carry out their duty. Especially in capital complex region, the govt officials always face hostility while executing their task.The recent attack on Itanagar EAC Tame Yajum at her office over a dispute regarding compensation issue once again shows how difficult it is for the govt officials to work in a hostile atmosphere. She was part of the eviction team that had carried out demolition of structure which came under ROW. Many such incidents of intimidation and assault on govt officials go unreported.
This was one rare case which has been widely reported in media and also strongly condemned by the people cutting across all section of society. Unless citizens extend support to the authorities the developmental activities will always take back seat. The construction of 4 lane highway will benefit every citizen of capital complex and it is the duty of capital denizen to support it. If people has grievances against the govt officials better they should follow the legal route and avoid taking law into their own hand. Everyone should join hand together to make Arunachal, in particularly capital complex, a better place to live. There is a need to create healthy atmosphere so that government schemes and projects are properly implemented without any trouble.