Mighty crusade against black money

Dear Editor,
So the cat has finally come out from the bag! 99% of RBI-issued notes, practically rendered “Black” overnight, have at last got returned to banks itself!
What a “mighty crusade” against black money!
Right from the very first night of that “brave” declaration, I had consistently voiced my opinion against that boldest decision in independent India. While the “great patriots” in the society directly/indirectly character- assassinated me as “anti-nationalist”, “supporter of Black money, Counterfeit notes and terrorists”; the bunch of “greatest patriots” had almost lynched me twice in Railway station and Bank queue for my “sin” of calling spade the spade and “unpardonable offence” of expressing free and independent opinion in this democratic country where the Constitution has guaranteed freedom of speech!
Today it is me who is feeling vindicated for being proved absolutely correct! But this is not a matter of joy or personal victory for me as it would not bring back the precious lives of those 150 odd innocent people who had met their premature death in inhuman bank queues or after getting refused medical treatment due to lack of “legal cash”.
Far from expressing repentance for those scandalous deaths or providing compensation to the hapless family members of those unfortunate 150 odd souls(all sons and daughters of India); the “patriots” and “nationalists” shamelessly, barbarically and heartlessly continued to deliver sermons from their safe ivory towers — “All should learn to sacrifice a bit for the nation”!
I wonder why did’t they lay down their lives for the sake of the nation!
Kajal Chatterjee,