Worrying time for tribal populace

With centre all set to grant Indian citizenship to Chakma-Hajong refugees, there is little option left for the people of Arunachal. With granting of citizenship right it will open up floodgate for other demand like land right, APST status, political right etc. The burgeoning Chakma-Hajong population with continues migration from state like Tripura, Mizoram to places like Diyun and Miao, it is assumed that in another few year they will constitute the dominant group of people in the state.
The indigenous population will reduce to minority and it will have serious social and economic ramification in years to come. The present BJP lead government at centre along with its ideological mentor RSS has soft corner for Buddhist and Hindu migrants. It is quite natural that they will not create obstacle in the way of mainstreaming the Chakma-Hajong refugees, a Buddhist and Hindu migrant group who came to Arunachal from Bangladesh. Now it is upto the indigenous people to fight back and not allow the central government to impose such decision which can be detrimental for the future generation. The tribal people of Arunachal are true patriots and have always been pro-India even when rest of the NE states was burning with secessionist movement. It will be travesty of justice if govt infringes upon the rights of indigenous population by granting the citizenship right to the Chakma-Hajong refugees. Is this how the union govt will pay back to the patriotic people of Arunachal?