Ensure equal distribution of fund

The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) have leveled serious allegation of mismanagement of fund to the tune of Rs 10,000 crores under the SADA, SIDF and RE during the 2016-17 financial years. It also alleged that sixty percent of 2016 Revised Estimate budget were distributed to Tawang and Namsai districts while not a single penny was sanctioned for Kra Daadi, Anjaw, Kurung Kumey and Dibang Valley districts. These are serious allegation and need to be thoroughly probed. Ever since present BJP government lead by Chief Minister Pema Khandu assumed office the allegation of large scale fund diversion to districts like Namsai and Tawang has constantly cropped up.
Namsai is the home district of Chowna Mein, the deputy chief minister cum minister finance and planning. Tawang is the home district of CM Pema Khandu. Those at the power and running the helm of affairs should always maintain neutrality especially while allocating the development fund. Arunachal is totally dependent on central grant to execute the developmental project. The unequal distribution of central fund will badly affect the progress of state. It will also sow the seed of hatred against fellow Arunachalees. If one section of state makes speedy progress due to political power and another section is deprived, there are every chances of social unrest erupting in the state. This will badly affect peace and stability of the state. Now the onus lies on Chief Minister Pema Khandu and his deputy Chowna Mein to prove the Congress party wrong by making sure that development fund is equally distributed to all districts of state irrespective of political differences.