Whom to blame?

Dear Editor,
Whom should we blame for Chakma-Hajong fiasco, past Congress Govt? BJP Govt? AAPSU? Local residents of Chakma inhabited area or whole Arunachal?
1) Why should we Blame Congress Govt.?
The Congress brought the Chakmas into our state. And the problem and also the piece of cake were given to Arunachalees. The local Denizens faced the problem and AAPSU leaders and politician eat the cake turn by turn
2) Why to blame BJP Govt.?
Election Commission of India ordered enrollment of refugees in electoral rolls in 2004 when BJP was in power at centre.
Supreme Court of India ruled in favor of citizenship to the genuine Chakmas and Hajongs in 2015 when BJP was in power. Prominent BJP leader Sushma Swaraj, when she was in opposition, vouched for citizenship to the Chakma and Hajong.
3) Why to Blame AAPSU?
AAPSU has been spearheading this issue since its formation but we couldn’t see any result but only BANDH CALLs and then silence. Many made their political career through this piece of cake (We aren’t saying you shouldn’t make your political mileage but at least you should have solved this problem). We Arunachalees have been supporting AAPSU movement for more than 30 yrs for the said issue and 30 yrs isn’t a Joke.
4) Why to blame local denizens?
Local denizens first kept them as their cheap labour and even went against AAPSU. For just 200-300 Rupees our fathers brought the problems today we are facing.
5) Why to blame whole Arunachalees?
Arunachalees doesn’t try to impart oneness among themselves. They are acting like the RAJPUT of Rajasthan of old days celebrating when one Rajput Kingdom was defeated by the mughals and forgot that, the next target will be his kingdom. So are the people of Arunachal. Sitting at their own home and saying,mera problem nahi hai, Uska hai. Hum kyu sath dega etc.
6) Now what should we do?
Should we continue the blame game or should we fight together?
AAPSU has once again called a bandh call. Once again they are igniting the fire and now its upto us ‘The Arunachalees’. Should we put woods so that the fire is so large that at least the union govt will see us or should we act as those RAJPUT Kings?
We don’t need Congress, we don’t need BJP neither we need PPA.
We need all of them. We don’t need the support of Pema Khandu Honourable Chief Minister nor we need Nabam Tuki neither we need Takam Pario. But we need all of them.
Infact we need all of you Arunachalees to put trust on the shoulder of AAPSU President Hawa Bagang and General Secretary Tobom Dai. We the youths are on your back. Fight till the end, we can go to any extent to support AAPSU.
Choki Raja