Re-activate CM’s Health Insurance for poor

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to request Chief Minister, Pema Khandu led present BJP government to re-activate the Chief Minister’s Universal Health Insurance Scheme which was basically meant for poor people to get free medical treatment.
During former Chief Minister Nabam Tuki’s Congress Government regime this scheme was materialized with mission zeal and many needy patients had obtained the benefits. But the said scheme is seems to have met with a natural death under present government, which is very unfortunate for common denizen of entire Arunachal Pradesh. The schemes had got popularity among the poor section of society though often taken advantage by rich and highly paid government employees also. Many poor patients are still trying to pay the medical bills through the card with a hope their costly bills will be paid off through it, but concern medicals/nursing homes are not accepting the card anymore by saying that, state government or insurance company is not paying the bill.
Therefore, I sincerely appeal Chief Minister, Pema Khandu led state government to reactivate the scheme immediately for the benefits of genuinely needy people.
Gongkom Tayeng
Ayeng village,
East Siang