[ POEM ]


—– Chungni Sono

Sometimes I feel as if am in a runway, but with no tract of its own.
Sometimes I find myself entangled amidst the mighty word ‘dilemma’.
Sometimes I smile at my own puerile thought boisterously.
Sometimes I taste the cuisines that I don’t like, frivolously.
Sometimes I hear the whispering of my heart, dashed by the decision of mind.
Sometimes I smell the aroma of rose that lessens the despondency in me.
Sometimes I long for a long drive all alone with no one but me.
Sometimes I hurt the one whom I love the most.
Sometimes I cannot gather the fallen trust that is scattered by the one I care the most.
That sometimes abates me for a while, but this spirit in me downcasts the aforesaid.
Don’t beleaguer me for I will remain phlegmatic.
That sometimes is just a phase that comes and goes around.
That sometimes brings so much peace and happy feeling.
Whatever I ever want, hope will be listed there sometime in sometimes.
Glad that I have sometime so that I could enlist something whenever I feel like,
Because the door of sometimes will always remain open for me.
Thank you sometimes!