Rijiju and Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy

Dear Editor,
People of Arunachal Pradesh had every reason to be optimistic when Kiren Rijiju was assigned the important portfolio of MoS for Home Affairs. But his statements regarding the refugee issue, particularly on the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy (TRP), has totally failed the people of the state. Despite being an Arunachalee himself, it sounds ridiculous and ironical for Rijiju to draw a conclusion implementation of TRP is ‘beneficial’ for the state. It is beyond understanding of the people of the state in whatever way providing land possession rights and treating the Tibetan refugees at par with the indigenous people could be beneficial.
It is worrisome and condemnable that a member of parliament representing our own state and holding such a pivotal position in the centre fails to fathom the concerns of the people of Arunachal Pradesh. His absurd and immature statement in support of the Tibetan refugees proves his complete lack of political responsibility and understanding the popular perception and sentiments of the people.
Rijiju’s statement, undoubtedly, seems to be a ‘Hindutwa indoctrinated’ view forced upon by the powers in New Delhi. The Hon’ble MoS for Home Affairs should have gauged the difficulties the state encounters due to the vexed Chakma-Hajong refugee issue before making decisions. His ideology very much seems to be inclined towards a theocratic system under the guidance of BJP and RSS.
Rijiju should take into consideration the plight of the indigenous people of Arunachal Pradesh, and the threat and peril that might fall upon them, before making such an irresponsible and sensitive statement.
People of Arunachal Pradesh would like to remind the Hon’ble MoS that they are no longer fools to agree to whatever he perceives. His thoughts and ideologies should be mastered for the benefit of the people of the state, rather than against them.
Moreover, Rijiju must realize that India is not a signatory to the United Nations Refugee Convention, 1951 or its 1967 protocol. He should know that granting refugee status to people fleeing their territory of origin would surely have long-term repercussions. Tibetans have been our guests for over 50 years from now. Let them be as such till they are deported.
NEFA Indigenous Human Rights Organisation (NIHRO) would like to remind Rijiju and the state government that if we open the door for anyone, every neighbour would start dumping her unfortunates to India. And Arunachal Pradesh should be conscious and careful for it shares international borders with India’s neighbours.
Domin Loya
President, NIHRO