Rehabilitation of our own kind

Dear Editor,
The sentiments of the Tibetans in and around the globe and their struggle for freedom is deeply felt by every section of the people. Although enacting the TRP in the Young Arunachal doesn’t justify the very law of acceptance . The law of acceptance can be of variable reasons. The socio-economic , international pressure from China and green light from the common masses of the newborn Arunachal; where green light is the critical reason to ponder upon. Moreover, the growth curve of different clans residing in Arunachal is not satisfactory. Precisely speaking, our civilization started in the late 1980s for a fewer section of the society but for larger section, it started in the early 2000s. Psychologically and economically Arunachal is not ready. Even the most open-minded indigenous person from Arunachal will have a second thought regarding the policy because of the fact that our civilization is very young. We need rehabilitations of our own kind let alone Tibetans.
Our CM and its counterpart seems to be a diehard fan of 1-Direction. We need a leader working in all dimensions and not one dimension.
Do 7,530 Tibetans pose a threat to 1.4 million Arunachalees? Indeed yes! Arunachal is comprised of 26 major tribes and more than a 100 sub-tribes. I’d rather say 7,530 is huge exceeding some of the indigenous clans combined.
Is young Arunachal even in a position to adopt the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy? Bless Arunachal.
Nabam Kayang