Make Arunachal investor friendly

Chief Minister Pema Khandu has raised the expectation of people by announcing in the floor of assembly that state government will revisit existing state industrial policy to make it more investor-friendly and boost the economic growth. CM also informed that a provision of Rs 15 crore was made in the 2017-18 State Budget for setting up of industrial units in the foothill areas, and the proposal is pending with the Committee of Secretaries. These are encouraging step and will definitely help state in the long run. The lack of industry has contributed to over dependent on government for every little thing.
Today everyone is looking for government job as private sector is almost non-existent. Barring few hydropower developers and road construction agencies, the majority of private investors are reluctant to invest in the state. Lack of proper industrial policy is one of the main reasons for it. Further Arunachal does not have proper infrastructure set up. Poor road connection along with lack of mobile, internet and power connectivity is major cause of concern for any potential investor. Also the law and order is another major issue which needs to be addressed by the state government. The role of citizen is paramount too. People of Arunachal need to create a health atmosphere to attract the private investors. Chief Minister Pema Khandu should aggressively pursue the agenda of developing Arunachal as investor-friendly state. This way state will end dependency on centre and will be able to generate employment opportunities for the unemployed youths.