Update online information

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily, I like to inform the State Govt , concerned officials , Govt servants and the public that :
We the retired employees happily and provided dedicated service in difficult environment under Govt of Arunachal Pradesh are peacefully settled in our home state in different corners of India.
We consider Arunachal Pradesh as our second mother state which provided everything to us. As is the feeling, we always desire to learn progress and development of the state from social media, newspapers like yours and the Govt website.
But we are very sorry to state that the Govt websites are not uploaded with recent information.
To cite an example we the pensioners depend on Govt website to draw our enhancement of Dearness Allowances, revision etc and such orders are not uploaded causing inconveniences to us.
Therefore through your daily, I appeal to concerned officials to be sincere and serve us who served for you nearly 38 years.
S Sankaran,