Our responsibilities and road chaos

Dear Editor,
The recent development in the construction of 4 lane highway is a welcome move and the way in which Government and Building owners have settled the contention amicably is highly laudable. Well, Government appear to be more bold this time setting precedent by demolishing every premise that comes under the Right of way (ROW) not sparing even high and mighty ones!
Though its a giant leap towards a vibrant Arunachal but buck doesn’t stops here. “Herculean task” is left ahead. Government need to understand that “ Elephant in the room “ is not roads alone but it is coupled with ineffective traffic management which includes lack of man power, absence of traffic signal, lack of parking space and traffic laws.
We must understand that the redemption of traffic chaos completely lies on meticulous traffic management. It will be foolishness to think that widening of Road will be one size fit redemption policy for traffic chaos in twin city. The Panacea of Traffic chaos lies in the implementation of stringent Traffic laws with efficient traffic management that will give relief to traffic in twin city. Law makers must be able to apprehend that unless stringent laws are implemented this “ Chaltha hai “ attitude will never fall in line. Their unbridled and invincible power must be humbled by stringent parking laws. Government must take a leaf from Meghalaya Government. It is phenomenal the way they have managed their Traffic system in spite of narrow roads and one of the most densely populated cities in North east, it hardly find itself in any traffic chaos unlike ours.
I believe more than any grants or aid from centre, required political will and some amount of voluntarism will led to long time solution. I agree that onus should not be put on the shoulder of Government alone, denizens must participate equally.
Fight for Rights and duties towards society must be accompanied together though roads belongs to no one, at the same time it belongs to everyone
Ige Dirchi