Against the spirit of democracy

The controversial move of Rajasthan government to try gag media is highly condemnable and is against the spirit of democracy. VasundharaRaje led BJP government has barred courts from taking up private complaints against public servants including lawmakers, ministers and officials without the government’s concurrence and made it a crime for the media to name the accused till the government decides that the public servant concerned can be investigated. Journalists can be sentenced to two years jail for violating this rule. This order smacks of dictatorial attitude.
India is a democratic country where people holding the public offices are held accountable. With this order, the Rajasthan government is taking away rights of media and citizen to question the public office holders. This will lead to rampant increase in corruption. Also corrupt people will make wrong use of this order and target the anti-corruption crusaders. It is strange that though BJP came to power at centre with the promise of fighting corruption but their government in Rajasthan is doing just opposite. Also before 2014 election BJP had promised to punish Congress leaders including Robert Vadra, son in law of Sonia Gandhi for their alleged involvement in corruption. But more than 3 year has passed but union government is yet to initiate any action against anyone including MrVadra. It seems BJP only uses Vadra issue to target Congress when the election approaches. The move of Rajasthan government is against the spirit of democracy and should be strongly opposed by every right thinking citizens.