PWD Doimukh owe explanation to the state

For the last few days the people of Sangdupota circle under Papum Pare district have launched ‘Rasta Roko’ movement demanding immediate repairing of Itanagar to Jote road. Under the banner of United Sangdupota Intellectual Youth Forum they are raising voice against poor condition of the said stretch of road. Recently the official of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) during a visit to permanent campus of National Institute of Technology (NIT) at Jote expressed dissatisfaction with pathetic condition of Itanagar to Jote road.
MHRD asked the state government to immediately repair the said stretch of road so that NIT can shift to the permanent campus at Jote. The NIT students also staged protest demanding repairing of the said road. Strangely the state government is yet to respond in this regard. It is reported that the tender process for repairing of Itanagar to Jote road started six month ago. But till now it has not been completed due to which repairing work could not be started. The move of PWD Doimukh in delaying the tender process can be termed as ‘anti-development act.’ They owe an explanation to the people of Arunachal for it. The pathetic condition of Itanagar-Jote road is affecting the progress of educational institutes like NIT, Law College and Film Institute which are all coming up at Jote area. These institutes are of national importance. PWD Doimukh should help their growth by immediately repairing Itanagar to Jote road at the earliest.