LGBT community

Dear Editor,
The LGBT community represents a significant proportion of the populations across this 21st century South Asia. Unfortunately, though they are grossly misunderstood and discriminated; and are subjected to regular humiliation, rude behavior, social prejudices and even life threatening physical attacks leading to death and injury. Our society needs to reflect back with empathy the pain and sufferings such community members suffer every day of their life; and provide tem a path of social justice and equal opportunity in various works of life. More so even, LGBT members are grossly misrepresented and/or under represented in most parliamentary democracies across South Asia. Although some of their rights have been protected through constitution and judiciary; still much needs to be done to accommodate them more inclusively and respectfully in our society. They are no less human than any other individual member of our society; and have the right to live a life of respect and dignity. Sensitization and awareness regarding LGBT community members is the first step to bridge the gap in accepting them as equal and respectful members of our South Asian society and community life.
Saikat Kumar Basu,