Stop opium cultivation

The recent arrest of seven persons allegedly for possessing and peddling of drugs from Pasighat and Oyan highlights the continued danger of drug mafia in the state. The incident shows that drug smuggling is still thriving in certain pockets of the state. The government of Arunachal has miserably failed to tackle this menace. Opium cultivation in eastern Arunachal is matter of deep concern. Despite regular destruction of opium fields by the authorities, a section of people are still not ready to give up the practice. This is a huge challenge in the fight against drug smuggling.
State government will have to first provide alternative employment opportunities to the opium growers to keep them away from it. Despite the big talking, so far government has not made any significant effort towards stopping the opium cultivation. For the villagers growing opium provide them the opportunity to earn money and unless government offers them an alternate, they will continue to do so. The fight against drug smuggling will not be won until government takes some action in regards to opium cultivation. Also strong cases should be lodged against the person found involved in drug peddling. The state police should spread net and work towards arresting the main people involved in the heinous crime of drug peddling.