An appeal to govt of Arunachal

Dear Editor,
My husband Basu Nair while working as Forester, Silvi Culture Division, Itanagar expired on 8/2/2012.
Subsequently I had applied for family pension and Death-cum-Retirement Gratuity (DCRG) along with the required documents.
By the order dt. 19-07- 2012, provisional DCRG was sanctioned and paid to me, but I am yet to receive the family pension and final settlement of the DCRG from the Govt of Arunachal Pradesh.
I have been reminding and pursuing the matter telephonically time and again but yielded no result.
Being a poor widow with no source of independent income, I have to rely on the mercy of my relatives and friends for day today necessities and look after my children.
It is the sorry plight of a widow of an employee of the Govt, of Arunachal Pradesh and the mental agony and sufferings, I have been undergoing for the past 5 years are unfathomable.
As I am living in Kerala, the southernmost part of India it is rather impossible for me to pursue the matter before the authorities by coming over to Itanagar and pursue the matter in person.
Vijayalakshmi. P